Hall Rentals   845-264-0085

The Brewster VFW Post 672 Hall is available for rentals to the general public for parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, etc. You do not need to be a member. The standard hall rental is $575.00 for 4 hours. We have a large, open room (approximately 43ft x 26ft = 1,118 sq.ft.) with folding tables and chairs available for use, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Our hall is ideal for groups of 80 or less.

To check on available dates, tour the facilities, or reserve a date, call Kristen at 845/264-0085. Post 672 members are able to rent the post for their own use at a discounted rate.

Below is info we have put together that answers many of questions we get asked about renting the VFW hall facility.

Rental Fee & Contract: The basic rental is $575 for four hours.

Our Fee Schedule is as follows:
a. Minimum Rental Fee of 4 hours: $575
b. Additional per Hour Rental Fee: $125
c. Returnable Security Deposit: $150
d. Gratuity is 20% for bar tabs, or $100 flat fee for cash bar.

DEPOSIT: The Renter shall provide the Owner with a copy of their Driver’s License and pay
Owner a sum of $150.00 immediately upon signing this contract.

Tables, Chairs, Supplies & the Kitchen: There are folding tables and folding chairs for your use, and they are included in the rental price. There are eight round tables (5ft diameter, seats 8), four rectangular tables (8ft long, seats 8) and a few other small tables of various sizes. We have approximately 100 folding chairs. Use of the kitchen is also included in the rental price. You may use the ovens, stovetop, pots, pans, knives and other kitchen items. We also have some hot-foodservice chafing dishes, but we do not provide Sterno canisters. We also do not provide paper goods such as napkins, plates and utensils. We do provide garbage bags for the trash bins.

1. NO TAPE to secure objects to the ceiling as it will damage the paint and ceiling tiles.


3. The parking lot is for parking. No loitering in the parking lot. Children are not to play in the parking lot.

4. Alcohol Policy: While food, soda, juice and water can be brought in, bringing in outside alcohol is prohibited. Any and all alcohol must be purchased through our bar. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure their guests do not bring out outside alcohol into the facility.

You can run a tab (where you pay for the drinks your guests order) or you can have a cash bar (where guests pay for their own drinks).

Bringing any outside alcoholic beverages onto the premises, or the consumption of alcohol by any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years will result in the IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of this agreement, the IMMEDIATE CESSATION of Renter’s Event, and FORFEITURE of all fees and payments.

Is there parking? There is a good-sized parking lot that is paved and has 42 marked spots. Do NOT allow guests to park on the grass oval near back of the building. It will damage our septic system. 

What do I do next?: If you’d like to see the hall or reserve a date, give us a call.