The Benefits of Joining Brewster Post 672

The best part of joining the Brewster VFW is the people – local men and women from all walks of life that share the common bond of being veterans of our Nation’s overseas conflicts. There is a certain camaraderie among our membership, and Brewster Post 672 is a very active post, helping hometown veterans and the local community.
While we love to have active members that assist in running the local post, whether you come to every meeting ever held or just one meeting in your lifetime, your membership counts. On a state and national level, there is strength in numbers when we are looking to support veterans causes and benefits.
Many of the people you know around town may already be members of our post, and we are always looking for eligible veterans to join our ranks. To find out more see the eligibility info below, talk to a member of our post that you already know, e-mail us or call the post at (845)279-6969.

Membership Eligibility Information

The fundamental difference between our organization and other veterans organizations, and one in which we take great pride, is our eligibility qualifications. There are three primary requisites for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States: (1) Citizenship (2) Honorable service in the armed forces of the United States (3) Service entitling the applicant to the award of a recognized campaign medal or as set forth in the Congressional Charter and By-Laws and Manual of Procedure and Ritual.

For more specific info on eligibility, including qualifying service dates and campaigns click HERE.