Hall Rentals   845-629-6925

The Brewster VFW Post 672 Hall is available for rentals to the general public for parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, etc. You do not need to be a member. The standard hall rental is $475 for 4 hours. We have a large, open room (approximately 43ft x 26ft = 1,118 sq.ft.) with folding tables and chairs available for use, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. To check on available dates, tour the facilities, or reserve a date, call Steven at 845/629-6925. Post 672 members are able to rent the post for their own use at a discounted rate.

Below is info we have put together that answers many of questions we get asked about renting the VFW hall facility.

Rental Fee & Contract: The basic rental is $475 for four hours. To reserve the hall we require a $50 non-refundable deposit and a signed copy of the rental agreement. The balance of $425 is due before the guests begin to arrive. If you want to rent the hall for longer than 4 hours, each additional hour is $50. We also require renters to sign a rental agreement. Please note that we do not accept credit cards.

Alcohol Policy: While food, soda, juice and water can be brought in, please purchase any alcoholic beverages through the Post. We have a liquor license, so outside alcohol is prohibited by law as well as our rules. There are a few ways to arrange for alcoholic beverages:

  • You can have a “cash bar” where all guests pay for all of their own drinks.
  • You can run a tab and settle-up with the bar at the end of your party. To avoid the risk of getting a big surprise at the end of the night, you can set a limit. For example, if you set a limit of $300, when you reach that on your tab the bartender will let you know and you can then decide if you want to continue the tab or change over to a “cash bar” so guest pay for their own drinks from that point onward.
  • You can also order a keg and/or bottles of wine ahead of time. We need to place any orders for beer or wine one week ahead of your party. Our prices for beer, wine, etc, are based on current market prices from our vendors. Let us know what you need and we can get current prices.
  • Some combination of the above. For example, many people order and pay for a few bottles of wine and a small keg, but let guests pay for their own mixed drinks.

Since we are a VFW Post, our inventory and selection is usually not as broad as a retail for-profit business, but if there is something special you want, we can try to work with you. Plus, our drink pricing is better than most retail for-profit establishments. Please note: Un-consumed alcohol (both opened and unopened) cannot leave the premises. No one under 21 is allowed in the bar area. 

Tables, Chairs, Supplies & the Kitchen: There are folding tables and folding chairs for your use, and they are included in the rental price. There are eight round tables (5ft diameter, seats 8), four rectangular tables (8ft long, seats 8) and a few other small tables of various sizes. We have approximately 100 folding chairs. Use of the kitchen is also included in the rental price. You may use the ovens, stovetop, pots, pans, knives and other kitchen items. We also have some hot-foodservice chafing dishes, but we do not provide Sterno canisters. We also do not provide paper goods such as napkins, plates and utensils. We do provide garbage bags for the trash bins.

How many people?: Our hall is ideal for groups of 80 or less.

Is there parking?: There is a good-sized parking lot that is paved and has 42 marked spots. Do NOT allow guests to park on the grass oval near back of the building. It will damage our septic system.  And for safety reasons, children are not allowed to play in the parking lot during your event.

Clean-Up: The hall will be clean for your event. We ask that you turn off the ovens if used(Important: Leave the pilot lights on), stack the tables and chairs after your event, leave the hall and kitchen tidy and broom swept, and place the garbage in the dumpster in the rear of our building. No need to mop - we will take care of that.

Decorating: If you are going to decorate, please do not put tape on the ceiling tiles - it tears off the paint. Thumbtacks can be used on the ceiling. Please remove all decorations after your event. We can usually get you in a little early to decorate and set-up if you need it, but we are all volunteers at the Post so it is as manpower permits.

What do I do next?: If you'd like to see the hall, you can stop by after 4pm Thursday thru Sunday. Just tell the bartender on duty that you are considering renting the hall, and would like to take a look at the space. If you decide to rent the hall, you can drop off your deposit at the Post. The Post opens at 4pm Thursday thru Sunday. The Post is closed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. You can leave the deposit with the bartender. We will text or email you to confirm receipt.