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The Bob Palmer Project

Robert Palmer was born in Brewster, New York in May 1921. He served in the United States Army from August 1942 to December 1945, achieving the rank of Platoon Sergeant, commanding a sixteen-man gun section. During his service, Robert Palmer earned the American Service Medal, the European-African-Middle Eastern Service Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, and the Good Conduct Medal. Following his World War II service he joined the Railroad, and eventually retired after 41 years with Conrail. A Life Member Of Brewster VFW Post 672, he served for 20 years as Chaplain of the Post.

For 30 years, leading up to each Memorial Day Commemoration, Bob categorized and placed over 1200 hundred flags on the graves of Veterans buried within the town of Southeast - mostly by himself. 

In 2012, at the age of 91, Bob decided it was time to have others take over the annual project.  To acknowledge his years of work, the "Bob Palmer Project” was begun- not to duplicate his singular effort-but to follow Bob’s intent.

Jack Duncan , a veteran and retired Master Sergeant, was named “Chairmen-Bob Palmer Project”, and with a great team effort our community now places the 1200(+) flags before each Memorial Day, to not only honor and remember our veterans, but to honor Bob Palmer and his commitment to our community and veteran’s.

Typical, the Bob Palmer Project is scheduled for the last Saturday in April, and nicknamed “Bob Palmer Day” to kick off the month’s work leading up to Memorial Day services.



Below is a listing of all known Veterans buried in the town of Southeast. If you have any corrections, or know of a Veteran that should be on this list but is not, please email us at HQ@vfwpost672.org. 


Barnum, Elijah 1812
Barnum, Thomas 1812


Brush, Francis A.  KIA Civil
Barbour, David WW II
Brush, Platt V. 1812
Barbour, Nicholas Cuban War


Adams, Harrison
Armstrong, John E. KIA Rev
Bailey, Edward    SGT Civil
Drew, Daniel 1812
Drew, Gilbert Rev
Drew, Thomas 1812
Fanningston, J. K.
Ganung, Weston Civil
Knox, Ed      Precival Civil
Mead, John
Percival, Ed          Knox
Percival, James    Knox Civil
Smith, Alexander
Smith, William Walter Civil
Wood, Jared   Surgeon
Wood, Stephen H.

Gay, Patrick Rev
Kelly, Jonathan Rev
King, Herman Rev


Gage, Selah Civil
Gage, Ephrain Civil
Ganung, Hart Civil
Green, Charles Civil
Green, Albert Civil
Wixon, Isaac Civil


Haines, Daniel


Awnztis, Jospeh WW II
Bailey, Gilberet D. Civil
Barrett, Dalton T. WW II
Barrett, Dingee Civil
Berry, Samuel Civil
Blaney, Robert P. WW II
David, Charles Civil
Davis, George Civil
Ekstron, Frank H. WW II
Fensor, Charles H. Civil
Foley, William G. WW II
Foshay, David Civil
Knapp, Peter H. Civil
Linquist, John E. WW II
Losee, William A. SAW
McLaughlin, Frank Vietnam
McLaughlin, Gene Vietnam
McLaughlin, Joseph F. WW II
Michell, Ralph WW II
Michell, Ralph Jr. WW II
Reed, Henry Clay Civil
Relyea, Douglas WW II
Relyea, Ralph WW II
Saact, Wenes Civil
Sage, George W. Civil
Seagrave, Gilbert Civil
Secor, leonard Civil
Slvane, John M. Civil
Smalley, Ralph E.   KIA WW II
Sweetman, John M. Civil
Sweetman, William W. Civil
Sword, John C. Civil
Vanscoy, Robert G. WW I 
Weheman, Harry J. WW II
Wehman, Marjorie R. WW II
Winans, Isaac T. Civil
Wixon, Alvoh C. Civil


Beaumont, Herbert W. Korea
Behrman, William J. WWII
Blaney, George WWII
Blaney, Robert WWII
Blaney, William WWI 
Bruey, Daniel Bird WWII
Colombo, Antonio Joe WWII
Garside, Herbert WWI
Garside, John R. Jr. WWI
Gaston, George Civil
Goodale, Perry Civil
Hommel, Vernon WWII
Hoyt, Philip O. WWI 
Johnson, Vitalis WWI 
Kramer, Henry WWI 
Paddock, Anson Civil
Pomponi, William WWII
Pomponi. Frances WWII
Reed, Martin S. WWII
Ruffles, Amos S. WWII
Schaeffer, Charles Policeman
Schaeffer, Leo WWI 
Schmoonmaker, Ed H Jr. WWII
Scully, Dennis H   POW Civil
Smalley, Asbury, E. WWII
Stannard, David K. Civil
Tubbs, Earl WWI

Ashby, Louis F. WWII
Barker, James E. Korea
Blaney, Louis WWII
Crosby, George H. Civil
Crosby, Seth J. Civil
Korecko, John WWII
Lent, Milton G. E. Civil
Lunn, Glenn Edwin WWII
Mowry, Wheatly William WWI 
Paddock, John R. WWII
Penny, Archibald WWI 

Ashby, Arthur WWII
Bradley, G. H.          KIA Civil
Brown, Merlin WWII
Burdick, Frank L       KIA Civil
Fruchtenicht, August J. WWII
Garcia, Robert Ira     KIA Vietnam
Green, Powell WWII
Howes, Daniel Rev
Howes, Moody Rev
Howes, Sebth B. Civil
Karmioski, Willikam WWI 
Liebenow, Ferdinand   KIA Civil
Lyle, James E. Civil
MacDonald, John WWI 
Pugsley, John Civil
Richards, Edwin-Foster Civil
Robicheau, Lawrence WWII
Schmiesser, Edwin WWI
Stevens, Daniel H. WWII
Sullivan, John Civil
Thorp, Harry Jr. WWII
Tuttle, Elsworth (Babe) WWI
Wright, William G. WWI 

Benedict, Levi Civil
Brewster, Samuel Rev&1812
Brewster, William C. Civil
Budd, Elijah W. Civil
Couch, Royal L. Civil
Crane, Jonathan Rev
Crane, Robert WWI
Crosby, Byron              KIA Civil
Crosby, George H. Civil
Crosby, Justus              KIA Civil
Crosby, Thorn Civil
Field, Egbert Civil
Gay, Oliver-Thornton Civil
Gay, Oliver Hoyt Civil
Green, Nathan Jr. Rev
Green, Rueben 1812
Hadley, William S. Civil
Higgins, Thomas Rev
Hoyt, Ferdinand A. WWI
Hults, Paul WWII
Johnson, Reginalo E. US Army
Meyers, Francis O.      KIA Civil
Moore, Samual Civil
Mygatt, Leon S. WWI
Newman, William W. Civil
Richard, Edwin F. Civil
Richards, Moses Rev
Richards, Moses Jr. Rev
Richie, James Civil
Roth, Edward WWII
Schuber, Ernest G. Civil
Townsend, Raymond W. O. Sp Amer
Woods, Stephen Civil

Adams, Thomas WWII
Anderson, Warren Vietnam
Bergensten, William F. WWII
Bettcher, George T. WWII
Brooks, Robert W. Korea
Burdick, Robert F. WWII
Butler, Edward WWII
Davis, Abel WWI 
Davis, Donald Jr. WWII
Detch, John Stanley WWII
Eastwood, John L. WWI
Eastwood, Lester P. WWI
Eastwood, Ray E. Vietnam
Ernest, Robert J. WWII-Korea
Foster, Harold E. WWI
Foster, James C. Jr. Vietnam
Gleising, Rudolph WWII
Harmke, John WWII
Kelly, John Monroe WWII
Levesque, John F. WWII
McQueenie, Alexander WWII
Moore, David W. Vietnam
Muldoon, John James WWII
Nagle, Wilbur               KIA WWII
Peckhardt, Charles E. WWII
Petersen, Frederick WWII
Randazzo, Mariano WWII
Robinson, Dayton L. WWII
Schaeffer, Harold WWII
Schaniel, James E. Korea
Sloan, John G. WWI 
Sloan, John J. WWII
Sordlet, John L. WWI 
Stevens, George WWII
Stevens, Harry R. WWII
Taylor, Merle J. WWII
Thompson, William  WWI 
Thompson, William J. WWII
Tillgander, Lager WWI  
Tompkins, George C. WWII
Voorhes, Warren R. WWII
Ward, Lawrence F. WWII
Ware, Charles B. WWII
Weizenecker, Raynor Korea

Auguston, Oscar WWII
Bell, Herbert S. WWI 
Dykeman, Robert H. WWII-Korea
Fowler, Edward S. Sr. WWII
Gebing, Howard V.        KIA WWII
Greyot, Maurice F. WWII
Hall, Fredrick S. Sp Amer
Hanna, Edward A. Jr WWII
Hanna, Edward A. Sr Sp Amer
Heireth, Russell Arvio Korea
Hitesman, George WWII
Kautzman, Charles WWI  
Kautzman, James E. WWII
Knapp, Alanzo Griffen WWII
Knapp, Lloyd W.           KIA WWII
Lehman, Hal WWII-Journalist
Lindblom, Thomas A. Korea
Mabie, W. Wallace Civil
McDonald, Frank Vietnam
Pifer, Arnold John WWII
Schaniel, George E. WWII
Schaniel, Robert Lawrence Sr US Army
Schultheiss, Leonard C. WWI  
Sears, Elmer WWII
Simcox, George D. WWI  
Thomas, Charles A. WWI
Upton, George H. WWI
Vernon, Joseph Henry Wwi
Zimmer, Willliam C. WWII

Addis, Emerson Jr. WWI
Bayliss, R. Bradford WWI
Buck, Robert C. WWII
Collins, Edward WWII
Collins, James I. WWII
Crane, Walter W. WWI 
Dale, Harry C. WWI
Davis, Budd WWII
Davis, Leslie WWII
Donley, Robert T. WWII
Eno, Clark Henry WWI 
Losee, William Sp Amer
Marvin, Albert WWII
Siebold, George B. Jr. WWI 
Travis, Albro S. WWII
Wiltse, Murray H. WWI 

Beal, Ross W. WWI & II
Buckstein, Ernest Jr. WWII
Cleaver, Robert S. WWI & II
Donley, Norman C. WWII
Donley, Richard WWII
Ellis, James Warren WWII
Fowler, John C. Vietnam
Hazzard, Herbert E. WWII
King, Bertha WWII
King, Edward L. Korea
Mellen W. W. Jr. WWII
Reynolds, Mills Civil
Schneider, Francis C. WWI  
Trace, George E. WWI   
Trace, Robert S. WWII
Turnrose, Raymond F. WWII
Turnrose, Theodore H. WWII
Turnrose, Theodore T. Vietnam
Turnrose, Theodore Y. WWI
Tuttle, Edward S. WWII
Wargo, Joseph WWI  
Wells, Frank Civil
Wells, Henry H. Sp Amer

Ackles, John C. WWI
Adam, Ernest WWII
Anderson, Charles O. WWII
Anderson, John W. WWII
Awrytis, Joe W. WWII
Bandes, Sidney E. WWII
Baridon, Etenne WWI
Baridon, Rene WWII
Beal, Harold T. WWI
Beal, Maurice M. WWII
Behnen, Edward H. WWII
Belsey, Bernard G. WWII
Blockley, Earl H. WWI
Bottge, William G. WWII
Brazee, Eugene E. Vietnam
Brownie, Richard C. WWII
Brunale, Vito
Butch, Raymond H. WWII
Campbell, Joseph A. WWII
Cassone, Pasquale WWII
Coppinger, Joseph S. Korea
Champagne, Carlton C. WWII
Churchill, Leslie WWI
Crawford, George E. WWII
Cuneo, Joseph M. WWII
Dann, David US Navy
Daria, Dominic WWII
Derringer, Martin E. WWII
Dettmering, Theodore F. WWII
Dettmering, Theodore C. Vietnam
Donato, John S. WWII
Duffy, Raymond J. US Air Force
Dwyer, Raymond G. WWII
Earle, Harold J. WWII
Eastwood, Harold J. WWII
Ebbers, Harry Korea
Eglit, John W. Jr. Vietnam
Eglit, John W.    Korea
Evans, John J. Navy
Evans, John T. WWII
Falciglia, John WWII
Finn, James T. WWII
Fitzsimmons, Charles Vietnam
Flood, Thomas Edward US Army
Florentina, Anthony J Korea
Foster, Glen H. US Army
Foster, John J. WWII
SECTION # 9 continued...

French, Frank W. WWI 
Fucito, Nicolas A. WWII
Fuller, Wilbur L. Jr. Vietnam
Givaudan, Ben T. WWII
Gould, James WWII
Gruber, Terrance G.
Hallecks, Karl WWI
Halter, Rudi WWII
Hansen, Arthur E. WWI
Herman, William WWII
Hoffman, Raymond F. WWII
Hughes, Gwyn McCall WWII
Hume, Edwin WWII
III, Vincent WWII
Jackson, Harold D. WWI 
Jameson, Clifton WWII
Jugis, George Sr Korea
Kennedy, Allan G. Korea
Kerry, Peter Vietnam
Killburn, Rollin H. WWII
Koepper, Henry George WWII
Lavallo, Angelo WWI
Leeds, Thomas J. WWII
Lethbridge, William A Korea
Light, Roy WWII
Ludington, George W. WWII
Lyons, Joseph B. WWII
Mattice, John P. Korea
Mayhes, Raymond E. WWII
McKechnie, William J. Korea
Menichelli, Dominic L. Korea
Michell, Joseph Jr. WWI
Miller, William R. WWII
Mitchell, Albert B. WWI
Moll, Gordon W. WWII
Monohan, Edward J. Jr.  KIA Vietnam
Monohan, Edward J.   WWII
Moretti, Richard Joe Korea
Morris, Walter WWII
Murphy, Martin F. WWII
Olivette, W. Lewis WWII
O'Niel, Kiernan, J. Sr. WWII
Opdyke, Wilbur WWII
Paliwoda, Alexander WWII
Peckham, Joan (Beal) WWII
Peckham, Paul E. Sr. WWII-Korea
SECTION # 9 continued...

Penny, William Archie WWII
Petralia, Rosario WWII
Petretti, Salvatore A WWII
Pifer, Richard Vietnam
Pinckney, Remington WWII
Ramierez, Jesus WWII
Rapp, Fred WWII
Rapp, Robert                KIA WWII
Rascigno, John Korea
Rauch Vietnam
Rose, Louis F. WWII
Ross, John I. WWII
Russo, Richard D. WWII
Ryan, John J. WWII
Schacht, Walter R. Korea
Schaniel, David Vietnam
Schaniel, George WWII
See, Arthur WWII
Sherwood, Clifford M. Jr. WWII
Simmons, William Korea
Skjerli, Toriez WWI
Sondag, George C.
Sprague, Robert T. WWII
Sprague, Samuel James WWII
Stabe, Arthur WWII
Stable, Roger Arthur Korea
Strang, Frank J. WWII
Tacchino, Louis WWII
Taggart, Philip WWII
Tausek, Gary J. Vietnam
Truran, John WWII
Vaillancourt, Paul US Army
Wallace, Richard Allen
Ward, James F Jr WWII
Ward, Thomas Korea
Wesche, Carl Daniel Sr. WWII
Wilkens, William WWII
Williams, George Sr. US Navy
Wood, Ken WWII
Yager, Pete WWII
Zacks, Leo G. Vietnam


Sherwood, John S. Civil
Sherwood, Charles Civil


Costello, Lawrence J. WWI
Costello, Lawrence J. WWII
Baker, John F. WWII
Collins, William L WWII
Donegan, Arthur F. WWII
Donegan, Malcolm J. WWII
Fitzgerald, Raymond F. WWII
Gallagher, John H. WWI 
Howard, Harry WWI
Hutchings, Edward Civil War
Lapere, Benedict C. WWII
Ledley, Daniel WWI  
Ledley, Samuel WWI
Lord, Ralph WWII
McArthur, Charles W. WWII
McInnery, Michael Korea
Morgan, Frank SAW
O'Connor, Eugene WWII
Perlini, Alfredo WWI 
Praters, Gerhard Civil War
Rundle, Louis B. WWI
Smith, Robert J WWII
Truelove, James H. US Army

Bennet, Ernest WWI
Bonar, James F. WWII
Campbell, John B. Civil War
Carlone, Patrick J. WWII
Cuff, Francis J. WWI 
Cuff, Michael WWI
Durkin, James E. Jr WWI
Eliott, Arthur WWI
Enright, Robert J. WWII
Foran, Cornelius Civil War
Hanlon, Bernard Korea
Hanlon, Scott Francis US Army
Hughes, Arthur M. WWI
Hughes, James H. WWI
Larkin, William B. WWII
Mauer, Warren K. US Navy
McCrady, William B. WWI
Morrisroe, James Civil War
Mullarky, Austin Civil War
Murphy, Morris Civil War
O'Brien, Michael Civil War
O'Hara, Daniel F. US Air Force
Rooney, Daniel J. Jr. WWII
Sheppard,William H. WWI 
Snidero, Margaret G. WWII
Walsh, Edward T. WWII

Adrian, Richard
Adrian, Joseph M. Jr WWI
Adrian, Joseph M. III WWII
Anderson, Emil WWII
Barrett, Grange, H. WWII
Benvanuti, Italia WWI 
Blaney, Charles D. WWII
Blaney, George E. WWI 
Bolduc, Edward A. WWII
Bolduc, Philip A. WWII
Boyce, John C. WWII
Brady, James J. WWII
Brady, Patrick J. WWI 
Brady, Robert P. WWII
Brady, Thomas J. WWI 
Brandon, Bernard P.    POW WWII
Brandon, Daniel WWI 
Bruen, George R. WWII
Bruen, William H. WWI  
Burke, Stephen Daniel WWII
Caraci, Salvadore WWII
Chipchase, Philip G.        KIA Vietnam
Commerford, Timothy WWI
Cooper, Charles J. WWII
Cooper, Edward F. WWI 
Crew, William WWII
Cunningham, James J. WWI  
Cunningham, Jerome WWII
Devlin, Vincent A. WWII
Dunford, Francis WWII
Durkin, Martin Patrick WWI 
Dwyer, Edward E.
Ebbers, Robert WWII
Enright, George L. Sr. WWI 
Farley, Roy WWI
Fazzinga, Joseph R Korea
Feiser, Frank Joseph WWII
Ferrieri, Waldo WWII
Forkell, John J. Jr WWII
Gannon, John Joseph WWII
Gannon, Michael J. WWI
SECTION #3 continued...
Ganong, George WWI 
Garcia, Anthony  Korea
Gorney, John WWII
Grady, John J. Jr WWI
Green, Francis Thomas WWII
Harte, Martin J Vietnam
Higgins, George M. WWII
Hughes, Frank WWII
Hughes, Henry F. WWII
Hughes, Herbert WWII
Hughes, Joseph C WWII
Hutchings, Ed, Jr. WWII
Hutchings, Joseph WWII
Iacovone, Dante WWII
Kearnes, James F. Korea
Kearnes, Michael J. WWI  
Keefe, Thomas Norman WWII
Kemp, Fred D. WWII
Kilcoyne, Robert WWII
Lawlor, Orville WWII
Ledley, Agnes WWII
Lomordi, James J. WWI  
Marasco, Ernest Jr.          PH WWII
Marasco, Ernest Sr. WWI 
Martens, George WWII
Martin, John Jay WWI
McAuliffe, Frank X. WWI 
McGarry, George WWI 
McGrath, John J. WWI 
McGuire, Thomas P. WWII
McInerney, James I. WWI 
McInerney, James N. WWII
Merante, Joseph F. WWII
Mullarkey, James WWII
Murtha, Frank P. WWI   
O'Brien, Francis J. WWII
O'Brien, John Raymond     KIA WWII
O'Brien, Robert H. WWI  
O'Grady, James E. WWI & II
O'Riordan, Michael J. Korean
Owens, Robert WWII
SECTION #3 continued....
Peck, John Joseph WWII
Peralta, James T. Sr. WWI  
Petrovik, George Joseph WWII
Pitkat, William C. Sr. WWI
Plunkett, Robert Bruce WWII
Plunkett, Harold M. WWI
Principe, John L. WWII
Prisco, Louis WWII
Radi, Vincent Virgil J. WWI 
Reynolds, Edwin P. WWII
Ronan, John L. WWI 
Ross, Hugh Robert WWI
Schoenfelder, Otto W. WWI 
Sechney, Stephen WWII
Sinclair, Alexander Korean
Smith, Paul H. WWII
Spiotti, John WWII
Stokes, Daniel W. WWI
Vander Wel, Peter J. WWII
Wandell, Edward R. WWII
Waters, Barney F. WWII
Weizenecker, Howard F. Korean
Wolfe, Felix WWI 
Wolfe, George J. WWI 
Wright, Louis WWI

Alfiero, Nunzio WWI
Austin, Walter J. WWI
Balfe, Michael Joseph WWI
Baranowski, Charles J. WWII   
Baranowski, Eddie WWII
Becker WWII
Benicewcz, Richard C.  KIA Vietnam
Bernard, John WWI
Bosco, Robert J. WWI
Boyd, Carl C. WWII
Burdge, Fred L. US Navy
Burke, Joe V. WWI
Burkhart, William Lee WWII   
Buteroni, Eugene J. WWII
Byrne, James J. WWII
Campbell, Alexander WWII
Carey, John Thomas WWII
Carollo, Anthony J. WWII
Casey, William J. WWI   
Cavalieri, Rinaldo WWII
Chamberlain, George WWII
Chirasello, Joseph Police-Brewster
Cipriani, Harold C. WWII
Colasacco, John G.      PH WWI   
Colucci,Victor WWII
Conboy, John B. Korea
Connolly, Alfred WWII
Costello, Raymond B. Jr. US Navy
Dempsey, John US Vet
Donelon, Terrence B. WWI
Duffy, John J.    US Army
Duffy, John J. Jr. US Army
Durkin, Thomas H. WWII
Early, Warren, W. WWII
Endrez, Franz Vietnam
Farrell, Leonard G. WWII
Ferrieri, Florendo WWI   
Flanagan, John Thomas WWII
Flanagan, Joseph          PH WWII
Foley, William J. WWI   
SECTION #4 continued...
Fox, John Korea
Frieary, George US Navy
Frieary, Robert F. Vietnam
Friedman, Frank Joseph WWI
Gallagher, Arthur J. WWI
Gallagher, James E. WWII   
Hanaburgh,Russell Alan WWI   
Hurley, John E. US Navy
Icavone, Carl WWII
Jones, William O. WWI
Kalinowski, James S. Air Force
Labroico, Nichlos T. Korea
Laurenceli, Edward WWII
Laurenceli, Raymond WWI
Law, Mortimer WWII
Lotrechiano, Alfonce WWI
Magnuson, Samuel E. WWI   
Mandras, Larry J. US Navy
Marin, Carl F. US Army
Martino, Anthony WWII
Maurer, William J. WWII
McDonald, Terrance US Navy
McGovern, James T. WWI   
McQuade, James J. WWII
Mirra, Frank WWI   
Mirra, Geselle WWII
Mirko, Nicholas WWII
Morrissey, Joseph WWII
Morrone, Edward WWI
Mosher, Francis R. WWII
Nardell, Patrick WWII
Oates, William WWII
O'Keefe, James J. US Navy
Owens, Alfred Leon WWII
Penney, Leo A. WWII
Peterkin, Frank R. WWII
Pietras, Thomas A. WWII
Proefriet, Henry WWI   
Radak, Anthony US Army
SECTION #4 continued...
Reardon, George J. Jr. WWII
Reardon, James WWII
Russo, Angelo WWI   
Scalfani, Stephen S. Korea
Scarcello, Pasquale E. WWI
Scarcello, Edward WWII
Scolpino, Robert WWII
Shear, Chester H. WWI   
Snelling, William P. WWII
Sniffen, Oscar WWI   
Sterling, James WWI
Tanzosch, Martin WWI
Twoney, Seven R. VIetnam
Vicario, Pasquale (P War) WWII
Wells, Joseph Jr.
Wells, Michael Vietnam
Weinstein, Mark Nicholas US Navy
Weiss, Joseph L. WWII
Zimmer, William F. WWI-Korea

Adam, Marcel H. WWII
Alessi, Louis WWI 
Awrytis, John J. WWI
Boneau, Joseph James USMC
Briscoe, Thomas J. Korea
Cameron, James W. WWII
Cancri, Russell Korea
Carbone, Paul WWII
Carollo, Charles WWII
Carr, Vane F. WWII
Carroll, Richard E. WWII
Casagrand, Alvaro WWII
Cocozza, Albert WWII
Coyle, Edward P. WWII
Cuggy, George R. WWII
Cunningham, Richard J. WWII
Curtin, Charles E. WWI  
Curtin, Charles E. Jr. Korea
Cutillo, Pat H. WWII
Daley, John Joe WWII
Diamond, Frank R. WWII
Emiro,  WWII
Enright, George L. Jr. WWII
Ferris, John Maurice Korea
Garnsey, Leslie L. WWII
Gladwin, Eugene Joe VIetnam
Guerrozzi, Donald M. WWII
Haege, Edmund R. WWII
Hall, Seldon George Vietnam
Hegarty, William M. US Navy
Hoey, Owen J. Vietnam
Jarer, Sidney C. WWII
Kinash, Andrew H. WWII
Kubick, Gerard WWII
Lapke, Andrew WWI
Larkin, John F. Jr. WWII
Leahy, John J. WWII
Lippert, John G. WWII
Logan, Richard H. WWII
Lovallo, Richard R. VIetnam
SECTION #5 continued....
Maroney, David L. WWII
Martin, John Jr. WWI
McCluskey Pat WWI 
McGarry, Thomas WWI
McLaughlin, Charles WWII
McMahon, George M. WWI  
Meyenberg, Anthony WWI  
Morehead, William WWII
Murtha, Bernard J. WWII
O'Brien, Edward James WWII
O'Brien, John P. WWII
O'Connor, George J. WWII
Oddey, David Lincoln WWII
Palumbo, Anthony WWII
Pavelka, Edward J. WWII
Pisanello, Alphonse WWII
Polverari, John Edward Vietnam
Prehle, Frank WWI 
Prisco, John G. WWII
Prisco, Nicholas I. Korea
Reed, Frank A. WWI  
Round, Herbert J. WWII
Saraubbi, Robert Paul Korea
Smith, Harold W. Korea
Somma, Fred WWII
Tegtmeyer, Frank WWIi
Tierney, Frank WWII
Vanscoy, Robert P. WWI
Varrone, Dominick WWI 
Wabshinak, Louis A. WWII
Weizenecker, Fred Sr. WWI 
Zimmerman, Albert J WWI

Abatemarco, John A. WWII
Ardzenski, Karol US Army
Arvay, M Korea
Avallone, Albert WWII
Bentley, John WWII
Blanar, John C. WWII
Blaney, Eugene Vietnam
Blaney, Stephen Korea
Brady, John E. WWI
Brady, Patrick J. Sr. WWII
Branchizzi, Angelo WWI
Brandon, Thomas B. WWII
Brearton, Gerald WWII
Burdick, Larry WWII
Campbell, Robert J.    PH Korea
Carroll, Thomas J. Vietnam
Casey, John D. WWI
Colasanti, Rinaldo WWII
Crawbuck, Edward WWII
Crumblish, John Korea
Curro, Philip N. WWII
Dawson, William J. WWI  
Deluz, Jacob WWII
DePaola, Joseph F. WWII
DeVall, Raymond A. WWII
DeVall, Richard E. WWII
Dillon, Joseph A. WWI  
Dillon, Rosemary US Army
DiNovi, Mario WWII
Doering, Walter M. WWII
Dolan, Joseph Korea
Donaghey, Charles M. WWII
Duane, Myron WWII-Korea
Dunn, Lambert WWII
Emiro, Pasquale R. WWII
Ercole, Frank Jr. Vietnam
Ercole, John WWII
Ercole, Patrick WWII
Esposito, Fred WWII
Farrel, Francis P. WWII
Fay, George WWII
Fisher, Matthew J. Jr. WWII
Fitzgerald, Joseph US Army
Foster, James F. WWI
Fregosi, Carlo WWII
Furco, Anthony J. WWII
Gallagher, John WWII
SECTION #6 continued....
Graham, Jerome E. WWII
Grassi, Joseph William WWII
Green, Michael WWII
Guerrazzi, Eugene James U S Army
Guerrazzi, Luis J. WWII
Harllbourne, James P. WWII
Harmon, Richard J. Sr WWII
Hogan, John J. WWII
Hresko, Joseph WWII
Hutchings, Warren C. WWII
Heubner, Ricahrd Vietnam
Imperota, Anthony J. WWII
Infanti, Raymond F. WWII
Jankowski, John K. WWII
Jentilucci, John WWI  
Jordan, John Joseph WWI
Karastamatis, George WWII
Kenny, James J. WWII
Killarney, Francis WWII
King, George F. WWII
Konrad, Carl WWII-Korea
Kotch, Walter WWII
Krull, Frank T. Jr. WWII
Lauri, Amieloo WWII
Lawlor, Lawrence M     PH WWII
Lamere, Edward R. Korea
Lieblong, Robert A. WWII
Ludwig, Leo WWII
Lynch, Francis R.        WWII
Mahoney, Michael J Korea
Mangan, Joseph D U S Marines
Manna, John A. WWII
Marchitelli, John WWII
Martens, Frank J. WWII
Mazur, Thomas A. WWII
McCluskey, Joseph J. WWII
McGrath, Joseph V. WWII
McHugh, Martin R. WWII
Minasi, Charles W. WWII
Morgansen, Arne WWII
Mrasek, Conrad U S Army
Murtha, Patrick WWII
Neils, William R. WWII
Newman, Christopher WWI  
Nicols, Philip J Korea
O'Brien, Humphfrey S. WWII
O'Hara, John F. Jr. WWII
SECTION #6 continued....
O'Sullivan, Harold A. WWI  
O'Sullivan, John P WWII
Palladino, Joseph WWII
Palmer, Edward F. WWII
Palmer, Edward S. WWI  
Palmer, Henry J. WWII
Palmer, John T. WWII
Poppe, Harold C. WWII
Prezzano, Charles WWII
Pucherelli, Frank P. WWII
Raybeck, John A. Vietnam
Ricatti, Sam WWII
Rocco, Joseph A
Rubano, Anthony T. WWII
Seeba, Claus WWII
Segreti, Anthony J. Korea
Sheridan, Phillip J. WWII
Smalley, Harold WWII
Smith, Donald J WWII
Smith, Robert V. WWII
Soltis, Frank WWII
Steinecker, Robert E. Vietnam
Tambini, Frank Jr. WWII
Tavino, Antonio WWI  
Thompson, Walter B. WWII
Tobin, Francis E. WWII
Tomaselli, Gregory WWII
Tritto, Nicholas,F. WWII
Tunmer, George WWII
Tyndal, John R.  
Vassak, James Robert WWII
Vassak, Emery James WWII

Addonizio, Robert R.
Adler, Blair A. WWII
Ance, Edward WWII
Ancker, Walter J. WWII
Anderek, Emil Korea
Angioletti, Cesare J. WWII
Anthony, Robert S. WWII
Armstrong, Thomas H. WWII
Banko, Steve S. WWII
Barrett, John J. WWII
Barrett, Thomas A. WWII
Bartlett, Thomas A. WWII
Barvinski, Anthony US Navy
Bayer, Albert L. WWII
Bayersdorfeer, Eugene Korea
Becker, Robert E. Korea
Bellucci, Anthony WWII
Birney, James R. WWII
Bishop, Arthur G. WWII
Bogdan, Michael WWII
Boyle, Stephen A. WWII
Brady, Edward J. WWII
Brady, James J. Korea
Brotherson, Curtis S. WWII
Bruen, Robert E. WWII
Burchetta, Joseph WWII
Burke, Edward Sr. US Army
Buteroni, Waldo P. WWII
Butler, Robert J. WWII
Byron, Frederick F Sr WWII
Byron, Timothy Navy
Calligan, Edward J. WWII
Capalbo, Thomas J. Korea
Caputo, Louis Korea
Carapola, Arthur M. WWII
Carletta, Frank WWII
Carlone, Patrick WWII
Carney, Francis K. Jr. WWII
Carollo, Ann WWII
Carollo, Arkie WWII
Carollo, James B. Jr Korea
SECTION #7 continued....
Carroll, Frank WWII
Caruso, Mario WWII
Casey, James Korea
Chico, Rocco J. WWII
Chiocsky, Chappie WWII
Clair, Frank WWII
Clancy, Daniel US Army
Codyre, John A. WWII
Coffey, Robert WWII
Colombo, Frank P Korea
Colosanti, Costantine WWII
Coursen, George F. WWII
Crew, Alfred J. Korea
Crocco, Joseph Samuel Korea
Crotty, James F. Vietnam
DeBella, Tony T. Sr. WWII
DeDomenico, Lorenzo WWII
Deihle, Joseph Steven Korea
DeMatti, Armand A.    POW WWII
DeSimone, Dominic J. Vietnam
DeYoung,Vincent WWII
DiBetta WWII
Dobbins, Albert F. Korea
Donaghey, John Patrick US Army
Donlon, Michael WWII
Dragomani, Merico US Navy
Durmer, George US Army
Ebbers, Robert E. WWII
Emmiluth, William WWII
Escaravage, James P. Korea
Farrow, Frederick, P. WWII
Ferris, Gilberet F. Korea
Ferrusi, Henry G. WWII-Korea
Ferruzzi, Louis WWII
Fidellow, Reymond E. WWII
Flinn, Dermond S. WWII-Korea
Flynn, James Rev. WWII
Folchetti, John J. US Marines
Foley, John J. WWII
Ford, Edward A Korea
SECTION #7 continued....
Ford, Kenneth WWII
Foreman, Lambert B. Korea
Frattura, Anthony D. WWII
Frieary, Peter Vietnam
Galvin, John Joe Korea
Ganci, Frank Joseph WWII
Genovese, Horace Korea
Genovese, Sebestian M. WWII
Giorgio, Philip WWII
Goetze, Theodore A. Korea
Gorey, George F. WWII
Granatta, Anthony WWII
Grant, Edward G. WWII
Green, John J. US Army
Hanaburg, Russel J. Vietnam
Harmon, Richard J. Jr. Vietnam
Harney,James L. Vietnam
Hayden, William J. WWII
Heinen, Robert G. WWII
Heintz, Peter J. US Navy
Hellthaler, Fred W. Jr. Korea
Hendrie, John J. Vietnam
Henke, George WWII
Henry, Robert P. Korea
Henwood, Eugene Joe WWII
Hetherington, Ed J WWII
Higgins, Gerald WWII
Hill, Charles Jr. WWII
Hoey, James Edward Vietnam
Hosmer, Donald A. Korea
Hubert, Ronald A. US Army
Hunt, John M. Vietnam
Hurley, Frank J. WWII
Hurley, John D. US Navy
Iacovone, Pasquale WWII
Inconstanti, Jack WWII
Infantino, Thomas E. WWII
Jones, Edward  WWII
Kelly, Thomas G. WWII
SECTION #7 continued....
Kemp, Cornelius WWII
Kemp, Francis WWII
Knudsen, Erling M. WWII
Kokll, Wendal WWII
Koller, John L. WWII
Korn, Frank WWII
Kusse, Arnold W. WWII
Laboria, Joseph S. WWII
Lagana, Adolph E. WWII
Lanci, John WWII
Lasch, William WWII
Lazetera, Joseph WWII
Light, Donald F. US Army
Lombardo, George US Navy
Lovallo, Nicholas WWII
Lowery, James               PH Korea
Mackey, Douglas WWII
Madden, Richard Glen Vietnam
Malone, Warren J. WWII
Mancuso, Ferdinand WWII
Manocchi, F rank J. WWII
Marrone, James Vincent WWII
Maurer, Charles WWII
Mauritzen, James Persian Gulf
Maxwell, John J. WWII
McBride, Chris P WWII
McCahill, John A. WWII
McCarthy, John J. WWII
McGovern, Thomas A.
McGuire, Hugh F. WWII
McGuire, Thomas
McLean, Thomas J. WWII
McMurray, Arthur WWII
Melot, James T. WWII-Korea
Meyer, Charles J. Vietnam
Molle, Nicholas A. Sr US Navy
Morehead, Walter W. US Army
Morganthayler, Richard A. US Marines
Morganti, Charles A. WWII
Morini, Nano R Jr US Army
Morini, Reno H. WWII
Munsterman, Harold I. WWII
Murphy, James J. WWII
Murray, Robert J. WWII
Murtha, James F. Korea
Najer, Steven C. WWII
Natoli, Joseph F. WWII
SECTION #7 continued....

Neumer, Michael E. Sr US Marines
Neumeister, Joseph WWII
Newman, Joseph G. US Navy
Nicolucci, Frank Korea
Nimphius, Harrye Vietnam
O'Connell, Daniel J. US Marines
O'Connor, Michael W.
O'Hanlon, Patrick WWII
O'Hara, John Gerard WWII
O'Neill, Hugh J. Korea
O'Stuni, Michael F. WWII
Paschzi, Orlando D. US Army
Perreira, J. Owen WWII
Picchione, Dominic WWII
Picone, J F Jr. WWII
Piscanello, Domenic WWII
Pisello Vincent J WWII
Pompili, Anthony WWI
Pompili, Dominic WWII
Pompili, Nicholas WWII
Presti, George J. WWII
Powell, Martin R. Korea
Ramundo, Peter Vietnam
Reda, Anthony Sr Korea
Reed, Charles F WWII
Reilly, Bernard Korea
Reilly, Eugene
Repka, Rudolph WWII
Richmond, William WWII
Rittacco, Salvatore WWII
Robinson, Kenneth WWII
Rocco, Vincent F. Korea
Romano, Michael WWII
Rossi, Anthony WWII
Ryan, Robert Gregory WWII
Ryan, Thomas  Korea
Ryska, Rudolph WWII
Sabella, Michael J. WWII
Salta, Francis P. Korea
Scanell, Francis J. P. WWII
Schroeder, Harold Air Force
Schumacker, Joseph H. Vietnam
Sexton, Donald Korea

SECTION #7 continued....
Sheehan, William J.       PH WWII
Shelly, Howard WWII
Shisler, Robert WWII
Siegrist, Ronald Korea
Simone, Charles Joe WWII-Korea
Smith, Sidney WWII
Soldano, Dominic WWII
Sora, Sebastian J. WWII
Sotiro, George WWII
St Jean, Jean Albert Korea
Stienhilb, Robert US Army
Stokes, John Patrick WWII-Korea
Stone, Anthony E. Korea
Strilowich, John US Navy
Sullivan, John J. WWII
Sunday, Peter B. WWII
Tanzoschi, Frank J. WWII
Tavino, Vincingo A. WWI
Tippell, Joseph A. WWII
Tobacco, Anthony Korea
Valestro, John P. Korea
Vanaria, Vincent A. WWII
VanKleek, Samuel J. Korea
Vila, Joseph C. WWII
Villani, Salvatore WWII
Volarro, Emanuel WWII
Vrable, Harry H. WWII
Wagner, Frank G. US Navy
Walsh, Douglas F. Vietnam
Walsh, James P. WWII
Walsh, Thomas P. WWII
Warm, Kurt H. WWII
Watson, Walter WWII
Webbers, Robert A. US Navy
Weigert, William J. Korea
Wellock, Harold A. WWII
Whalen, Arthur T. WWII
Williamson, Russell US Marines
Wilsdon, William F. WWII
Wilson, Donald G. WWII
Wolf, Edward A. WWII
Young, Vincent J. Korea
Zaneri, Philip John Persian Gulf
SECTION #7 continued...
Zeller, Frank S   WWII US Army
Zeller, Frank S. Jr. WWI
Zeller, John WWII
Zema, Joseph WWII


Bailey, Peleg Rev
Bailey, Samuel Rev
Marvin, Ephrain Rev
Townsend, Isaac Rev